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Watch Dr. Steve Chee share his inspiring story of how burning out ultimately led to the discovery of a simple yet profound secret to embodying more Self energy

Dr. Steve Chee

  • Quadruple Board Certified (Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Certified IFS Therapist

  • Authorized qi gong teacher and trained yoga teacher

  • ... and over 20 years experience exploring the mind-body-spirit connection

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    What's Included in the Embodying SELF Love Online Program

    • Learn key concepts to embodying Self energy that draw from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Internal Family Systems, yoga, and energy medicine

    • 11 instructional concepts and videos that covers understanding where Self energy comes from, how Self energy can show up in the body, as well as tips and suggestions to deepen embodiment of Self energy that draws upon Dr. Steve Chee's 20 years of experience.

      • Learn and experience 3 Foundational Embodied Self Energy Practices

      • Accessing Self energy through Heart Breathing

        Accessing Self energy through the Self energy of the Earth

        Accessing Self energy through the Universal Heart

    • Experience Series 1 - Relaxing and restorative

    • Utilizing principles from restorative yoga and integrating them with the 3 foundational Self energy practices (Heart Breathing, Self energy of the Earth, Universal heart), invite your body and your parts to experience deep embodied peace and relaxation.

      Includes 7 different restorative yoga poses with guided meditations and posture variations to maximize comfort

    Who's a good fit for this program?

    You are able to bring your awareness towards your body and not get flooded or overwhelmed with sensation or feelings

    You have some experience already with other mindfulness-based practices such as meditation, yoga, qi gong, etc and find them to be enjoyable, relaxing and nurturing

    You have an experiential reference point for experiencing Self energy in your body and you’re curious about experiencing more.

    You have other resources (such as a therapist, healing community, supportive friends, partner, etc) to support you on your journey. This program is meant to complement your healing journey, because embodying Self energy is healing. This is not meant to supersede or replace healing and therapeutic relationships.

    The notion of connecting to “universal heart energy” (a Self energy field of love and interconnectedness) also sounds delightful, pleasant or hopeful. Or you already have an experiential reference point for this (and it could be by another term, name, or process)

    Who's not a good fit for this program?

    You have a hard time with any mindfulness-based practice such as meditation, yoga, qi gong etc.

    You have unresolved trauma or are currently going through therapy to resolve trauma

    You have a hard time bringing your awareness towards your body because either you dissociate, float away, numb out, or it brings up intense, overwhelming or uncomfortable feelings and sensations

    The notion of connecting to the Self energy of the Earth or the Univeral heart elicits fear or concern.

    You have undiagnosed physical symptoms that you don’t know what’s causing them

    If you have a mental health diagnosis and/or physical health diagnosis, please seek the guidance of your health care and/or mental health professional.

    What people are saying...

    "So after doing even feeling really ill and then doing I did a couple of each of the practices which I may not name correctly. The restorative, the invigorating and then the qigong. My Self energy that day, I thought, oh, I will be doing this. I will be doing this regularly. It was lovely. Oh my gosh. Thank you."

    Karby Allington-Goldfain, MA, LPC, LMFT

    Certified IFS Therapist and Consultant

    Somatic IFS Consultant

    "It's very rich. And I really like the idea of having three different kinds of meditations combined with body practices. I haven't come across anything like that. And also Chinese medicine, yoga and IFS and the principles of Qi and heaven and the universe and then the heart. So I really like how all this is combined."

    Ann-Katrin Bockmann

    Doctor of Psychology, Level 3 IFS Therapist

    "Dr. Steve Chee offers wise guidance, with an incredibly soothing voice, in such gentle and respectful ways that truly nourish, support and encourage our system's natural healing potential. I feel very grateful for Dr. Chee's ability to weave all of these traditions together into a highly potent, medicinal offering. I wish everyone could have access to his services!"

    Jaclyn Long, MFT

    Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, Somatic IFS Therapist

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