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Internal Family Systems and Earth Energy

Did you know that the energy of the Earth can help you to deepen your awareness of your Self?

This 10 minute talk is based on a presentation Dr. Chee gave at the 2022 Annual Internal Family Systems (IFS) Conference called, “Deepening Self Embodiment through exploring the Self Energy of the Earth” that was given for IFS therapists and practitioners.

Dr. Chee wanted to make a version of this talk available to the general public because he has seen and experienced how the energy of the Earth can help us to be more aware of our Selves, our Soul essence and how healing that can be.

Preparation for Earth energy Meditation

In this 2 minute video, Dr. Chee suggests various ways to physically prepare to connect to the energy of the Earth.

He also gives a brief overview of four different ways of connecting to the energy of the Earth. These will be explored in the next video.

An IFS & Earth energy medittion

This is a 16 minute long guided meditation led by Dr. Chee in exploring 4 different ways of connecting to the energy of the Earth through our feet (or body parts closest to the Earth).  

He also guides the listener in exploring the physical experience of connecting to Earth energy and as well as bringing awareness towards the Self.

Internal Family Systems and Self care


Why trust is the most important first step to self care


Why I don't like the term over-responsibility


How the Self / Soul can help one from trying to relax, to simply relaxing


Burnt out? Are you listening to people with your heart or through your body?


Is your body pushing back against caretaking of others?


Why Meditation Sometimes Doesn't Help Pain or Anxiety

Internal Family Systems and Medical Conditions


The 3 biggest obstalces to to having the Soul help heal chronic pain


How healing chronic pain is a hero’s journey


Two best practices for listening to your body or physical symptoms


Is there any benefit to chronic pain?


Can painful relationship dynamics be contributing to physical pain?


Does Inner Conflict Relate to Autoimmune Disease?

Setup for Earth energy meditation

2 minutes

An IFS & Earth energy meditation

16 minutes

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