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These videos are versions of the practices shared at Dr. Steve Chee's Presentation, "Embodying Self Love" at the 2023 Annual IFS Conference 

Heart Breathing 10 minutes

Qi Gong - Normal and Reverse Breathing (7 min 27 secs)

Qi Gong - Heart Center / Middle Dan Tian (7 mins 43 secs)

Viniyoga - Wing and Prayer (5 mins)



Embodying SELF Love Online Program - These embodied transpersonal IFS informed practices are designed as a way for you to love and nurture your body and your body and your parts to experience that love and nurturance.

An intro to Embodying SELF love was chosen to be presented at the 2023 Annual IFS conference.

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Dr. Chee provides personalized consulting on Self led self care as well as using Internal Family Systems with medical conditions. This can also include an individualized assessment as well as specific recommendations to support your health and well-being journey.

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