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Frustrated that doctors don’t know about alternative treatments for your health condition?

Stephen Chee, MD, MPH, MA, MTOM, LAc

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Chee. I specialize in bridging Eastern and Western Medicine. ​

It’s tough because most physicians won’t suggest alternatives that they don’t know well or have any experience with. So I’m really a rarity in the medical world!​

Dual trained and Dual licensed

Dual trained and dual licensed as an MD and as acupuncturist. Less than 0.5% of all acupuncturists are also MDs.

Quadruple Board Certified

I’m also one of a few physicians in the nation that is quadruple board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Extensive Holistic Training and Experience

I'm a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist.  IFS is an evidence-based psychotherapeutic modality. I’ve also done a yoga teacher training, studied and became an authorized teacher of qi gung, did a program at the University of Santa Monica in Consciousness, Health and Healing (and also serve as faculty), and also went through a training by the “Father of Mind Body medicine”, Harvard’s Dr Herbert Benson.

I’ll draw upon this broad background, the latest research as well as my near 20 years of clinical experience and we will together develop a personalized approach tailored for your health and your health condition.

So you may be asking, is he one of those doctors who has two minutes to spend with you and you just don't feel like you're really getting somebody listening to you? Absolutely not! Our first appointment together will be an hour. Any longer than that and I find it to be too long for patients! It can be a big deal opening up to someone new about their health and it’s important to take the process a step at a time. It’s important for you to know that I’ve got your back and that I’m here to support you.

Want to know more about me? Here’s 9 Fun and Interesting Facts about Dr. Chee:

1.  I love learning and if I learn something, I learn it well.

Which is probably why I have so many advanced degrees! In addition to my MD degree from Oregon Health & Science University, I have a Master’s in Public Health from UCLA, a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College, and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

2. I loved watching Star Wars as a child!

Hearing about “the Force” definitely fueled my fascination with Eastern thought and the Mind-Body relationship. Use the Force, Luke!

3. I love teaching.

My favorite part is watching someone learn something new and have that information become their own. I’m a natural teacher because I’m always loving to share what I’ve been learning. Just ask my wife, Alanna! During my medical residency, my peers picked me to be Chief Resident and I was awarded the Resident Teacher Award. I’ve also taught Integrative Medicine at the doctoral level at several acupuncture colleges and have been faculty at the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program since 2011.

4.  There’s a special place in my heart for those who are less fortunate.  

I’m honored to have received an award from the California Medical Board and Uncommon Good’s Adopt an Angel program in recognition of my service while working at a community health center for the underserved in Los Angeles. I also received a student leadership award in medical school for my volunteer work with disadvantaged ethnic minorities.

5.  I have my own journey of dealing with chronic pain.

Of all that I’ve learned, my experience with pain has been my greatest teacher. Much of what I share in my classes comes out of my own desire to find solutions that are safe and natural.

6.  I have needled myself with an acupuncture needle thousands of times.

One of my first acupuncture instructors would not let us needle another person until we could needle ourselves painlessly. Needless to say, I am always looking to utilize the least painful modality, tool or safest medication or supplement first, if at all possible!

7.  I’ve lived in Hong Kong for a year.  

Between my 3rd and 4th year of medical school, I worked as a waiter in a cafe part-time while learning Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. I also spent the summer after my 1st year of medical school on an exchange program learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing and Shanghai. It was very inspiring to see a traditional medicine integrated into a modern hospital system!

8.  I love gardening!

I find the practice of medicine very similar. Metaphorically speaking, what environment (light, water, nutrients, etc) do we need to grow and flourish?

9.  And speaking of, I love metaphorical thinking!

For example, how do I look at science? Science is like sheet music. It’s a foundational way of communicating. But if we only look at the sheet music, we would miss enjoying the experience of music. Science can be used to communicate certain truths but the experience of the music is the most important. So how does science point us in the direction of living our lives with greater joy, love, well-being, beauty and meaning?  That's how I look at science.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you live your life with greater vitality and joy!

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