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Are you tired of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and disconnected from yourself? Are you ready to live a more meaningful and joy-filled life?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful, evidence-based model of transformation, and is one the most rapidly growing and in-demand psychotherapies in the world.

Our mission is to take IFS out of the therapists office and bring it directly to the lay public so that more people can experience the healing power of IFS and have more heart-led lives! Download our FREE ebook to see what IFS has to offer.

Why you aren't doing the things you know you should

Find out in this FREE e-book what's keeping you from doing the things you know you should and how Internal Family Systems can help you live your life more fully.

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It's not your fault that resistance keeps winning

If you are like many of the people we have helped, you have tried many different approaches to taking care of yourself and resistance keeps winning out. This is not your fault! This is a different approach to self care. In this book, you will learn that healing resistance is the key and how Internal Family Systems (IFS) is uniquely designed to do this.

Resistance isn't in the way, it is the way

Learn why parts of you resist doing things, even things that are good for you

  • Learn about the super common inner conflict of parts of you that push and parts of you that resist

  • Discover that parts of us that are resisting, actually have a really good reason why they resist

  • Realize that resisting parts are actually trying to help by protecting you from feeling emotional pain, guilt, or shame

  • Your blocks to self care are your next steps for healing

    Learn what parts inside you may be causing you to feel frustrated or stuck

  • The 5 common ways that parts inside push for change

  • The 10 common ways that parts inside push back against that change

  • ... and how underneath all of these parts is usually some old hurt, or wound that hasn’t been healed yet

  • You can heal the resistance to self care 

    Discover the 3 keys that makes IFS different from other approaches to self care

  • IFS gives you a way to not only look into your inner world but also to heal it

  • Healing begins with realizing that there are no bad parts of us, even parts that resist things that are good for us

  • IFS utilizes timeless wisdom that your true essence is love and applies it in a different way that helps all parts of you

  • Do you want to show up more fully for yourself and others?

    Find out in this FREE e-book what's keeping you from doing the things you know you should and how Internal Family Systems can help you live your life more fully.

    Yes, I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to receive email messages from Dr. Steve Chee and can unsubscribe at any time. I also agree to Dr. Steve Chee's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

    Who Can Benefit From This E-Book?

  • You've signed up for any self-help or self-care programs and haven't finished them

  • You've tried different approaches hoping that this time it'll be different, or that different people will somehow be able to motivate you or hold you accountable

  • You've tried "white-knuckling" it and just pushing harder 

  • You've tried changing your mindset or thoughts

  • You've tried trying to be positive or using affirmations

  • You've tried changing your vibration 

  • You've tried focusing on why it's important 

  • You've tried embracing your power 

  • and ultimately resistance keeps winning out.

    You haven’t failed! What’s happened is that the approaches haven’t been addressing the factors underneath that are driving the resistance. In this e-book, we are going to share with you specific insights into why this is happening.

    Your blocks to self care are simply the next steps for healing. And we are here to support you with these next steps. We are here to support you in showing up fully in your life and for your dreams!

    About Us

    Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Chee. 

    I’m an Integrative East-West Medicine Physician. I’m quadruple board certified in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Medical Acupuncture. I’m also a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist.

    You are not alone! I too have had challenges stepping forward doing things that I know would fill my soul with joy. For me, I tried learning and studying so many different approaches and modalities, hoping that it would make me feel ready to really pursue my dreams.

    Then I heard about IFS. IFS has not only helped me in stepping forward in pursuing my own dreams, it also completely changed how I help people who are experiencing resistance to self care or to showing up more fully in their lives. 

    I've been using IFS to help my patients see that resistance to self care isn’t in the way, it is the way. IFS has been a game changer for so many of my patients and I hope it can help you too.

    I am Alanna Arthur-Chee

    I have been a Life Coach and Facilitator since 2003. I hold a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and am also trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS). I have received a certificate in Soul-Centered Professional Coaching, a certificate in Soul-Centered Facilitation, and a master certification in Intuition Medicine®.

    I have spent 30+ years studying with, or the works of, the top teachers in personal growth and development. Coming from a background in psychology and health and wellness, much of my work has focused on helping people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives from the inside out. Having extensive experience in the fields of intuition, energy medicine, and mind body medicine, I understand the vital importance of people connecting to their body and inner wisdom, in support of their wellness on all levels. This connection also supports us in aligning more fully with our purpose and finding beautiful ways to express that in the world, which creates a life of joy, meaning and fulfillment.

    What People Say About Dr. Steve Chee

    "I just wanted to convey how entirely grateful I am for your presence on this planet and in my life. Your innate gifts and the abilities and skills you have honed are such a help to me in my spiritual progress, and on all the levels." ~ WS

    “Attending a workshop with Dr. Steve Chee is an act of self-love. This beautiful practice brought me deep feelings of overall love and well-being. I felt so alive and so deeply held as I surrendered into the safe space that Dr. Chee created. He is such a strong presence of love and his invitation to allow ones true essence - the presence of love – to move one’s body as an act of healing is a rich, practice that I intend to incorporate into my daily devotion.” ~ DB

    "Warm and gracious, helpful and knowledgeable about how IFS works" ~ Participant

    "He was absolutely outstanding. He was patient, observant, very supportive, creative in how he utilized IFS and facilitated all of us. I learned so much from him and I want to continue to work with and learn from him. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of IFS." ~ Participant

    "Fantastic teacher. Kind and warm, and gave useful feedback." ~ Participant

    "I loved Steve's laid back, calm, un-invasive style. He has a way of teaching with a blend of knowledge and peace that is so disarming, inviting and safe." ~ Participant

    "Amazing teacher. I find Steve very knowledgeable and helpful. I would like to take more trainings with him." ~ Participant

    "I so appreciate Steve's knowledge and self awareness . Really felt he helped create a space where people of diverse backgrounds could be seen and heard." ~ Participant

    "Knowledgeable, supportive, offers great perspectives." ~ Participant

    "He gave beautiful feedback and unique insights given his background and training in both western and Chinese medicine." ~ Participant

    "A joy to work with, open and calming presence" ~ Participant

    "Steve is an inspiration. I appreciate his openness, his knowledge and willingness to be a lifelong learner. He creates a safe place to land and feel held" ~ Participant

    "Intelligent, compassionate." ~ Participant

    "I took myself off on a personal retreat and was rereading my journal from 2019 when I was having an extended epidsode of issue with my lungs. I wrote in my journal about our sessions. Your counsel and work supported healing approaches incorporating physical, emotional and energetic approaches. It was a rich time of learning for me and you were an important guide and support. Thank you for all you gave me in my healing process. I have changed how I think about my immune system and my teachers and body remind me that the body always comes first. I have not had any coughing/lung episodes for the last 2.5 years." ~ KG

    "It is not in the movement, nor in the physical form that conveys it; the life force and vitality that propels me, is Spirit and as I allow it, movement becomes a payer and my body the song of love. Gracias Stephen Chee for facilitating me to be the flute, relaxing to fully receive of the breath of God" ~ CF

    "I appreciated Steve's presence, reflection and introspection . Helped me to learn." ~ Participant

    "Steve has the most kind, supportive, and encouraging energy. He also acknowledged his own growing edges and modeled Self energy so clearly." ~ Participant

    "Sensitive and attuned" ~ Participant

    "Very supportive" ~ Participant

    "Steve is an excellent teacher. He is kind, careful and very knowledgeable and provided very helpful feedback" ~ Participant

    "You could tell he is a gifted provider and very thoughtful and intentional in his work." ~ Participant

    "Steve was wonderful. His presence and feedback always invited calmness and safety." ~ Participant

    "Steve is an excellent teacher. He embodied the qualities of Self and led by example at all times." ~ Participant

    "Extremely knowledgeable and Self-led" ~ Participant

    "He was so great at holding space and simultaneously teaching." ~ Participant

    "Steve's tenderness and grace is inspirational to behold and his knowledge and willingness and openness to share it is appreciated and I am very grateful." ~ Participant

    "Steve is an incredible facilitator on all levels. With his incredible, warm, nourishing, heart he infuses his western medical expertise in his workshops. The workshop brought all the aspects of mind, body, and heart together. The idea of bringing the experience of unconditional loving in the body, and that I am in charge of that was beautiful. I love the idea of we are a soul with a physical body and we can experience love flowing throughout. Very powerful! Steve made me feel held, and safe and inspired me to try something new. Something I can use in my daily practice in connection with my love and my being." ~ FL

    "I didn't know it but I had won the lottery when I got Dr. Chee as my practitioner. He has many gifts, among them is his endless patience in listening while respecting what you've just told him even if it's the 4th time you've told him. His Zen-like calmness conveys a message of trust and safety. Then what he does with your history is sheer genius. The frosting on these gifts is his perception beyond what things appear to be. He probes while keeping an open mind and heart until he gets to the heart-of-the-matter, i.e. the emotional genesis of the manifested pain. I have endless gratitude for my experiences with Steve and his gifts. I know you will too. Kind regards" ~ CW

    "He is amazing. Knowledgable about content, well rounded, really just a good person." ~ Participant

    "He did a great job teaching and demonstrating IFS" ~ Participant

    "He was amazing and very knowledgable about IFS." ~ Participant

    "Thoughtful and very knowledgeable feedback. Calm and centered energy." ~ Participant

    "I was so inspired and grateful to see a doctor so involved with IFS." ~ Participant

    "He had a huge impact on my learning and I was grateful to have opportunities to learn from him." ~ Participant

    "Steve brought a warm, calm presence through which he shared the wisdom of his experiences and perspective and I found him very helpful" ~ Participant

    "So warm and so smart" ~ Participant

    "Steve, I learned so many lessons from how you were/are. Thank you for making this an amazing experience for me" ~ Participant




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    Levi Hill

    Ready to learn how you can show up more fully for yourself and your life?

    Download this FREE e-book to learn what's keeping you from doing the things you know you should and how Internal Family Systems can help you live your life more fully.

    Yes, I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to receive email messages from Dr. Steve Chee and can unsubscribe at any time. I also agree to Dr. Steve Chee's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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