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Advanced SELF Led Self Care Groups

Connect inward, shine outward and blossom alongside kindred spirits...

"There are not many trainings or groups where I feel such a big difference as this one..."

Ann-Katrin Bockmann, Doctor of Psychology, Level 3 IFS Therapist, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany


Watch Dr. Steve Chee share his inspiring story of how burning out ultimately led to the discoveries he shares in these groups

Dr. Steve Chee

  • Quadruple Board Certified (Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Certified IFS Therapist

  • ... and over 20 years experience exploring the mind-body-spirit connection

  • You’ve had insights in individual therapy but why haven't certain things changed in your life?

    Because there’s a difference between going inside alone with your challenges and bringing them outside of you with other people witnessing, and watching others change their lives as well.


    Introducing Self led self care groups

  • Groups where all individuals can be uniquely celebrated

  • Honest sharing, time to reflect, mutual support and connection 

  • A space that can hold deeply mystical experiences as well as parts that think it’s all a joke

  • A sacred container filled with loving care, clear intention and joyful warmth to help everyone connect inward and shine outward

  • Witness and be witnessed, inspire and be inspired by others in the group.

    Self led self care is knowing that whatever comes your way, you can love yourself through it.

    This is a safe space to be seen...

    “I felt in you sharing your own experience with your younger parts, there was such a wonderful open space to invite (mine too)... And that also gave me a lot of trust, a space of trusting you. For me, that was very beautiful.. that was a specialty in your space you opened up.”



    Who's a good fit for one of these groups?

    Self led self care connects your parts to your original quality of love.

  • You're familiar with IFS. You know how to distinguish Self versus part, and you are able to identify parts and polarities.  

  • You’ve already made big choices in your self care journey. Maybe you stopped one career because it just wasn’t right for you. Or maybe you’ve been through therapy.

  • You know your dreams matter. You want to follow your own dreams and have the courage to put some juice into them.

  • You are like a beautiful butterfly hanging onto a stick, not quite trusting that you can fly. You're ready to let your parts know that you can handle it now & open your wings.

  • You're grateful for parts that have kept you hidden or overly busy. But you're ready now to stand for what’s yours and give back to others what is theirs, out of love.

  • You have a good life but there's a belief you can't keep any for yourself. You're supposed to give more to others. But you want to nourish yourself and not just give it all away.

  • Be a part of our growing IFS Self care community

    What makes being who you are and singing your own song even better?

    Being with others who are doing the same! So invite your friends and family to join our Self led self care movement


    What this group is not:

    Self led self care is a new pace, a new frequency, a new element. It's like water.  Being, instead of doing.

  • This group is not a therapy group. This isn’t “you're sick and now what do you do about it”. 

  • This group is not another training.  This isn’t about performing or getting it right.

  • This is not the usual self care people talk about. This isn’t self care that’s disguised as a way to blame you or make you feel that you “just need to take better care of yourself”

  • This isn’t learning more or doing what other people are telling you to do, like the experts, the doctors, the books, the podcasts that talk about self care.

  • This is about you in everyday life.

    There's a difference between self care behavior and Self led self care.

  • This is not about trying to be good or about giving yourself a treat for good behavior.

  • Self led self care is not just should I rest more, or should I have more time for myself?  But also where does my Self energy unfold? Where does my heart sing?

  • Self led self care is building a life you don’t need to escape from but a life that you thrive in.

    What's Included

    8 Weekly Sessions each 2.5 hours

  • Groups limited to six participants so each person can feel comfortable taking space

  • Weekly check-in around Self led self care intention

  • Weekly short teaching and guided meditations

  • Self led self evaluation forms at Weeks 1, 4 and 8 to celebrate your progress

  • Sculpting - each participant will have one longer group sculpt. Also numerous opportunities for "mini-sculpting"

  • Bonus 1 hr Consultation with Dr. Steve Chee (Value $400 USD)

  • Get clarity on your personalized Self led self care focus before the 8 week group

  • Assess your self care via multiple lenses: physical, mental, emotional, Integrative East-West medicine, energetic, soul purpose, and spiritual / transpersonal.

  • This unique consultation is only being offered to participants in these groups. His hourly rate is normally $400 US / hour.

  • Discover Your Answer to "What is Self led self care"?

  • Exclusive access to the CARE model, Dr. Steve Chee's unique framework integrating IFS & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

  • This framework helps answer "What is Self led self care for you?" in each and every moment. 

  • Know the 5 major blocks and the 5 resources for Self led self care inspired by 5 element theory (from TCM)

  • Bonus Course, "Embodied Transpersonal IFS Practices for self care" (Value $400 USD)

  • Merging ancient wisdom with IFS, overcome blocks to self care, so you can experience more Self energy

  • These embodied practices integrate IFS with qi gung, therapeutic yoga, energy medicine, and osteopathy

  • Discover where Self energy comes from, so you can access more at any time

  • An intro to this course was selected to be shared at the Annual IFS Conference in Oct 2023. You'll get exclusive access to the full course here.

  • Community Support

  • Private group support throughout the 8 weeks via Facebook, WhatsApp or Signal

  • Only open to those participating 

  • Share and and be inspired by the group as participants share where your Self energy unfolds, and what Self led self care looks like for you

  • Bonus 30 min Consultation with Dr. Steve Chee in the middle of the group (Value $200 USD)

  • Get clarity and support at the mid point of the group

  • This unique consultation is only being offered to participants in these groups. His hourly rate is normally $400/hour.

  • The group processes are powerful and the content is so unique...

    “The mini-sculpts were so effective. I was really surprised! I'm still surprised with the mini sculpt I had... I found that method really surprising in its effectiveness.”

    Ann-Katrin Bockmann

    Doctor of Psychology, Level 3 IFS Therapist

    Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany

    "When you gave us the material ... in the beginning of our sessions. I was so excited! I absolutely love all of the content. And it was really what I was hoping for when it came to me knowing more about what Self led self care actually is all about. I felt like that you nailed it because what you have offered is so valuable."

    Carla Budd, Registered Clinical Counselor, Vancouver, BC.  


    Who's the facilitator?

  • Dr. Steve Chee loves blending the best of two worlds. Science and spirituality.  Ancient and modern.  Eastern and Western Medicine.  Traditional wisdom and IFS.

  • He is Quadruple Board Certified (Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is also a Certified IFS Therapist

  • He also served as faculty at the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program for 10 years where he worked with students in creating their own “radiant health & well-being program.”

  • For over 20 years he has explored the mind-body-spirit connection... his experience includes meditation, Spiritual Psychology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Mind Body Medicine, Energy Medicine and IFS. He is a trained yoga teacher and received authorization from Qi Gung Master Ting Jue Zhou to be a qi gung instructor.

  • Following his own experience with burnout, he discovered one of his greatest joys in life is witnessing others come together in groups to heal, grow, and shine!

  • He's also been featured here...

    More of what people are saying...

    "I am really glad that I took the class. Each week, because of the safe and welcoming space that Steve created, along with sharing his knowledge, I was able to explore more deeply just what true self-care means for me. Attending the class was self care! I came away knowing that whatever self care looks like at different times and in different contexts, is valid and personal. It's an ongoing process that takes intention and attention and Steve helped affirm that for and with me."

    Nancy Novak

    Certified IFS Therapist

    IFS Telehealth Collective-Florida


    "I would definitely recommend this group. Why? Because it's worth it to participate and to learn and to grow!"

    Tamara Thomsen, Doctor of Psychology, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany

    "I loved the group and just the energy that you bring to it and just everyone's presence. It was really wonderful. In the presence of someone who has the kind of presence that you have, which is so compassionate and gentle and attentive. That's what my parts have always longed for."

    Julie Buchinksi

    Everything that's included...

    • Attend 8 Weekly Sessions each 2.5 hours online via Zoom with 6 other people 

    • Get a bonus 1 hr Consultation with Dr. Steve Chee (Value $400 USD). Before the start of the group, he'll help you to clarify your hopes and intentions.

    • Discover the CARE Model framework that will help you to answer the question, "What is Self led self care?" in each moment

    • Learn where you may have blind spots and hidden resources. You'll learn the 5 major blocks and the 5 resources for Self led self care

    • Get bonus access to the course, "Embodied Transpersonal IFS Practices for self care" (Value $400 USD). You'll get guided videos of a totally unique practice integrating IFS with qi gung, therapeutic yoga, energy medicine, and osteopathy

    • Enjoy private group support throughout the 8 weeks via Facebook, WhatsApp or Signal

    • Get a bonus 30 min consultation with Dr. Steve Chee at the mid-point of the group (Value $200 USD)

    • Group A

    • Weekly on Tuesdays

      September 19 to November 7, 2023

      9-11:30AM PST

      12-2:30PM EST

      6-8:30PM CET

    • Group B

    • Weekly on Mondays

      September 26 to November 14, 2023

      6-8:30PM PST

      9-11:30PM EST

    • Group C

    • Weekly on Tuesdays

      September 26 to November 14, 2023

      3-5:30PM PST

      6-8:30PM EST

    Price: $750 USD

    Spread the love! Invite your friends and family and receive $25 for each person accepted


    Your questions answered...

    What is sculpting?

    The group utilizes sculpting for both short (“mini-sculpting”) and longer processes. When you sculpt you bring a part outside of yourself and somebody else role-plays it. This can be like a birth. The dynamics become more real, more clear. It's not something that just gets talked about or something that remains stuck or complicated. Sculpting helps create greater connection and resonance between you and your parts.

    Why do you use sculpting?

    Sculpting is a safe and valuable way to share and to be witnessed by others in the group. When others hold our parts we receive the gift of others supporting us. And it can be amazing to experience that when others hold our parts it can be helpful to others! This is different than what most people experienced growing up. Through holding other people’s parts, we can see the purity of their parts and of our own.

    I'm going to miss a group, do you still recommend I participate? Can I get a recording of the group?

    The groups are highly experiential and while we don't recommend missing a group, we know that life sometimes has other plans. In past groups, we have shared a recording of the group as long as the participants present give consent to have it shared.

    Any suggestions about the time of day to do the group?

    While you aren’t acting as a therapist or facilitator for others, it is a space where participants may feel or express themselves deeply. It’s important to consider what time of day that would work best for you. For example, past participants have noted they enjoyed doing it at the end of the day.

    When will these groups be offered again?

  • Another round of groups will be offered in mid-January 2024

  • I've still got a question!

    No problem, please contact Steve directly at [email protected]

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