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Whole Person Therapy and Coaching

Are you searching for other perspectives of what is going on with your body and health? 
Is there a deeper level of meaning or understanding that you sense you are missing with your health conditions?
Are you wanting to know how your physical experience or symptoms relate on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels?

I am a physician that guides patients and coaching clients along the journey of healing the root causes of dis-ease.  Drawing upon my training and experience in Eastern and Western medicine, Spiritual Psychology, Internal Family Systems, Mind Body Medicine, Intuition Medicine, yoga and qi gung, I help people to bridge the gap between what is happening physically and what is occurring psycho-spiritually.

And why use a spiritual context along this journey?

A spiritual context:
  • Gives a broader more holistic view and sees that health issues aren’t simply a problem to be fixed, but a hidden blessing to be realized.
  • Has a perspective that symptoms aren’t just problems to be gotten rid of, but messengers of a deeper learning.
  • Knows that we aren’t broken in need of fixing, but simply experiencing an imbalance that can be utilized for healing, for remembering, for experiencing our inherent wholeness and loving nature.
And does this actually help physical disease?

Research published in the Journal of Rheumatology on Internal Family Systems, a psychotherapeutic modality which utilizes a spiritual context, was done with patients who had rheumatoid arthritis.  And what did they find?  Pain and joint function improved and a year after the study they found that improvements in pain, depressive symptoms and self-compassion were sustained.  I’ve heard from Dr. Richard Schwartz, the creator of Internal Family Systems, that there was an even a couple of cases of remission amongst those studied.

The purpose of the approaches I utilize (which includes Internal Family Systems) is to use any physical symptom or experience of dis-ease as a doorway.  Through this doorway we go on a journey of exploring the multi-faceted experience of that symptom or condition.  And there is one true north star guiding us both, that the journey brings you to a greater experience of your own true Self and the qualities of the Self:  Loving, compassion, curiosity, presence, patience, courage, wholeness, and healing to name but a few.

And how do I incorporate other modalities into this?

I use Chinese Medicine like a rosetta stone, offering potential correlates in what could be occurring from a  multi-dimensional perspective.  And what does that mean?  The ancient Chinese keenly observed the inner world and outer natural world for patterns and correlations.  A Chinese medicine diagnosis doesn’t separate out mind, body and spirit.  Rather a Chinese medicine diagnosis can provide insight into a multitude of inner and outer dynamics that could be contributing to the condition.  This could include food choices, emotional stressors, why certain symptoms occur at what time and even what energetic psycho-spiritual dynamics are contributing.  I offer this information as an invitation for reflection to my patients and clients, not as a dictate.   This is because what resonates as true or applicable for my patients always takes precedence over any other agenda.  
Having over 20 years of clinical experience  of Western Medicine, with many years of working with patients where standard approaches have failed or side effects have been unacceptable I can certainly appreciate the challenges and concerns that face many patients.  Because of my background in Integrative Medicine and Chinese Medicine, I certainly can offer potential alternatives where applicable.  Other facets that I often help patients and coaching clients with is unresolved trauma from their medical experiences which can also show up as  hypersensitivity and side effects to medications.

From my background in Mind Body Medicine, Intuition Medicine, yoga and qi gung, there may be other guidance or specific practices that I may suggest that is tailored to each person’s situation with the intention of cultivating and deepening the experience of their own true Self.

So what calls me to offer Whole Person Therapy and Coaching?

Having gone through my own experiences of physician burnout from working at a community health center, to dealing with the challenges of chronic pain, and the integration of a transcendent experience of a kundalini awakening back in 2006,  offering Whole Person Therapy and Coaching is a calling of my heart.

What I am offering others is truly what has been beneficial to me in my own journey of healing and awakening.

There’s a beautiful quote from Rumi that says, “Soul, a moving river.  Body, the riverbed.”  As a physician and a spiritual seeker, I’ve been exploring the interface between the riverbed that is the body, and the Soul that runs through it for many years now. Beyond my medical degree and board certifications, I’ve completed a yoga teacher training in 2006,  was authorized by a Qi gong master to teach qi gong in 2007, trained in Reiki in 2007, studied Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr. Dan Siegel from 2006 to 2008, completed a degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing in 2010, completed another degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014, completed a mind body medicine training through the Benson-Henry Institute in 2016,  and completed a Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems in January 2021.

Professionally, I have found the greatest joy and meaning in serving others in to become more aware of their essential nature as love.  I’ve been utilizing Mind Body Medicine with patients since 2008, and have also served as faculty for the University of Santa Monica’s Consciousness, Health and Healing program since 2011.

How much do you charge?  Do you take insurance for this?

I am only in network with one insurance, Medicare (and for those that live within the state of California).  For cash patients, I charge $300 for the first hour-long initial visit and $200/hour afterwards. As a courtesy, I can submit to your out of network insurance on your behalf (for US residents only).

What happens at the first visit?

At the first visit, I’ll look at the whole picture of your health, not just one body part or organ.  I’ll want to know what I can help you with, what you are looking for, what you’ve tried, what you haven’t, who you’ve seen, who you haven’t, what’s worked and what hasn’t, as well as review any outside records you have including labs, imaging studies, hospital records and consultant notes.  And before I see you, we will ask you to fill out an intake inform so that I can review it before I see you.  Then we will together develop a treatment plan tailored for you! And, if you like, I can send a note to any of your physicians letting them know my recommendations.

Do you do this in person or online?

Whole Person Therapy and Coaching is only offered online.

Ready to make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call 310-276-3888.

Have questions if Whole Person Therapy and Coaching is right for you? 

Please call 310-276-3888 to setup a free 15-20 minute  consultation to see if you and Dr. Chee are a good fit.

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